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RWE boss attacks UK’s ‘appetite for reform’

The boss of RWE npower, Volker Beckers, has criticised the UK government's "appetite for reform" as being too much, too soon.

Former npower boss Beckers becomes chief of renewable firm Albion

Former RWE npower chief executive Volker Beckers has been appointed chairman of renewable energy company Albion Community Power.

nPower boss blasts Germany’s ‘romantic’ energy policy

The boss of RWE nPower Volker Beckers has said his native Germany has "a romantic view of energy policy" that is misplaced and damaging.

RWE announces closure of two UK power plants

German-owned utility RWE npower today announced that two of its UK power stations will close next year under the EU Large Combustion Plant Directive.

RWE’s Pembroke gas power plant operational next month

RWE nPower will see its 2000 MW gas fired powered station commence operation at Pembroke, Wales in September, the utility has announced.

Will the ‘romantic’ energy policy of Germany end happily ever after?

The financial impact of Germany's nuclear phase out is now being felt in the boardrooms of the country's energy companies. But it will be a case of no pain, no gain, for its future energy mix.

RWE and E.ON continue with UK nuclear plans

RWE and E.ON – Germany's leading power producers – remain among the six utilities planning to build reactors in the UK despite Germany's nuclear phase-out, reports Bloomberg.

Albion develops two à‚£5m hydropower projects in UK

Albion Community Power is developing two new hydropower schemes in Scotland at a cost of almost £5m.

UK Energy Bill sets out GBP7.6bn green levy

An energy bill to propel £110bn ($176bn) in energy sector investment has been unveiled in the UK, setting mechanisms to ensure steady income for low-carbon generation and landing consumers with the costs.

RWE in management overhaul of UK arm npower

German utility RWE has initiated a management shake-up at its UK subsidiary RWE npower following dismal half year results.