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Fireside Chat Recording: Siemens Energy & Uniper in conversation imagining Europe’s...

In this exclusive interview, Enlit Europe editor-in-chief Kelvin Ross discusses Europe’s decarbonisation journey with Karim Amin of Siemens Energy and Holger Kreetz of Uniper.

Inside the brain of a hybrid power plant

On-site hybrid power plants are a solution for industry and municipalities to control their own energy supply, drive decarbonization, and optimize their energy consumption.

Swedish Energy Agency awards €30m to innovative CCU project

Swedish Project AIR is an industrial concept to produce methanol from a variety of recovered end-of-life streams and hydrogen from electrolysis.

Fireside Chat: Siemens & Uniper in conversation imagining Europe’s decarbonization journey

Exclusive InterviewThe Decarbonisation Journey: where we are and where we go next 45-minute session

E.ON telegraphs potential Uniper writedown

German utility E.ON may have to re-assess its valuation of its new spin-off business, Uniper.

First Uniper shares traded on stock exchange

Shares of E.ON’s spin-off business Uniper were today traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange for the first time.

$3.39bn loss for Uniper

E.ON spin-off power company, Uniper, has recorded a $3.39bn (€3.2bn) loss, after writedowns of its generation and gas storage assets continued to impact.

E.ON’s Uniper signals confidence with financing ahead of split

E.ON's Uniper unit has secured a $5.6bn (EUR5bn) financing line from three big banks and the German utility believe is a vote of confidence in its plan to spin off the company.

Uniper announces changes to executive management

Uniper SE has announced a new chief executive officer, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, and a new chief financial officer, Tiina Tuomela.

Uniper confirms 2,000 job losses

Uniper, the power generation and energy trading unit spun off by E.ON, is to cut 14 per cent of its workforce.

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