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UK prime minister vows leadership in battery and EV technology

British Prime Minister Theresa May has told the ruling-Conservative Party conference that the government intends to continue backing battery and electric vehicle technology.

Speculation grows over future of UK energy ministry

There has been growing speculation among the UK media this morning that the country’s department of energy and climate change is to be abolished, just eight years after its creation.

Hinkley Point C deal set to be formalised

The British and French governments are set to formally sign the deal to progress with Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant today, two months to the day since Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the initial UK decision.

UK Conservatives champions shale gas and electric cars

UK Conservative leader and Prime Minister Theresa May set out her party’s General Election manifesto on Thursday and it expressed a strong backing for shale gas and electric vehicles.

Macquarie in frame to buy UK Green Investment Bank

Australian bank Macquarie is the front runner to buy the UK’s Green Investment Bank in what would be the first major British privatization since Theresa May became Prime Minister in July.

Which G20 leader has the biggest carbon footprint?

Are world leaders who demand climate action being conscientious about their own travel?

Chinese interest in National Grid to test May government

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces a test of the government’s attitude to overseas investment in critical infrastructure as Chinese companies are expressing interest in the prospect of ownership of National Grid’s gas network assets.

What’s holding the British power sector back?

The head of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ energy department is eager to see what Theresa May’s government’s much awaited industrial strategy has in store for the energy sector, given the lack of clarity in recent years, and how it will be viewed in engineering circles.

British government denies reports of $18bn nuclear loan to Hitachi

The UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has  dismissed newspaper reports from Japan, which claims Prime Minister Theresa May had personally pledged to give UK financial backing to the Wylfa Newydd plant in Anglesey, Wales.

British government ponders nuclear dilemma

The British government is under pressure to make a decision on its potential involvement in the development of a nuclear power complex in Wales, with the discovery of fractures on a plant in Scotland adding greater impetus for a call to be made.

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