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Peterhead gas-fired power plant returns to action

The Peterhead gas-fired power plant near Aberdeen, Scotland has returned to service following the completion of upgrade work, operator SSE said on Thursday.

E.ON gas-fired power plant set for permanent closure in England

Killingholme combined cycle gas power station in north Lincolnshire, England has stopped contributing to the UK national grid and may have to be shut down for good.

E.ON confirms Killingholme gas-fired power plant closure

E.ON has confirmed the official closure of 900 MW Killingholme gas-fired power plant, citing market conditions.

UK winter power crunch boosts case for on-site power

News that EDF Energy has shut down four reactors at its Heysham 1 and Hartlepool power stations has rather far reaching implications for the UK's energy supply scenario over the coming winter.

More electricity price volatility as ‘Old King Coal’ is sent into exile

Power output from Britain's coal fired power stations has continued to decline rapidly, reaching a record low during the July-September quarter.

SSE may accept penalty charge in order to close coal-fired power plant

SSE says it will most likely be closing the 1995 MW Fiddler's Ferry coal-fired plant from April 1, despite gaining a government capacity contract designed to incentivise back-up plants to stay online.

UK capacity mechanism effective so far

Whilst it is still very early days for the Capacity Mechanism, the GB power market saw much less extreme pricing activity in September and October 2017 against the levels seen in the previous year, according to EnAppSys.

Engie closes 1 GW coal plant while Eggborough gets stay of execution

Engie has announced the closure of the Rugeley coal-fired power plant in England. The 1 GW plant will close in the summer with the loss of 150 jobs and Engie stated that present market conditions made it too unprofitable to keep open.

Britain saw coal power decline quicken in Q2

The rapid decline in coal-fired power's share of the UK generation mix is highly visible in data presented in the last quarter by energy analysts, EnAppSys.

Record UK wind generation lowers electricity prices

High wind speeds in the first quarter of 2017 brought record levels of wind generation to the UK power market. This was in sharp contrast to the fourth quarter of 2016, when low wind generation levels combined with low levels of interconnector imports created high electricity market prices.