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Solar Trade Association rebrands to Solar Energy UK

As Solar Energy UK, it will continue to serve as the voice of solar in the UK, now incorporating energy storage at all scales.

STA “Solar eclipse should not affect grid stability

The solar eclipse later this month will not affect Europe's grid stability, according to the Solar Trade Association.

Tax hike risk for UK commercial rooftop solar

Taxes on commercial on-site solar power installations in the UK could rise next year by as much as eight times, the national Solar Trade Association said this week.

UK solar industry ‘concerned’ at Prime Minister’s ‘incorrect’ statement

The head of external affairs at the UK's Solar Trade Association says her organisation is concerned about information Prime Minister David Cameron delivered at the House of Commons Liaison Committee this week.

Solar to make debut in UK’s renewable power strategy

The U.K. is to include solar power in its renewable-energy strategy this year for the first time, according to a government official.

Solar groups win court case on subsidies

The British government has lost a High Court judgment, against legislation it planned to implement to cut taxpayer subsidies to the solar power industry.

UK breaks solar generation record amid fall in pollution levels

Clear skies and cool temperatures have helped UK solar to break the all-time peak generation record.

Spanish Supreme Court to rule on government renewables decision

The Spanish Supreme Court has cast doubt on the legality of government cuts to the countries renewable power sector, saying it could violate the principles of legal certainty and legitimate expectations enshrined in the Constitution.

Sunny outlook by UK solar chiefs despite cut

Despite a substantial cut, announced by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in May, solar industry chiefs are remaining positive and insist that solar panels are still a good investment.

On-site solar tariffs could move with commercial on-site projects

The UK's Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced proposals that would allow businesses and factories to continue claim the feed-in tariff awarded for roof top solar power installations, even if the company moves location taking the solar installation with them.