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Global gas demand to rebound amid post-pandemic recovery

Natural gas demand growth is set to slow in the coming years following an expected strong 2021 rebound, according to the IEA.

Russia’s CHP challenge

While Russian industry sees the value of on-site power, technical capacity weaknesses and unsupportive policies have restricted rollouts. We consult with Russian experts to find out how the sector's growth can be facilitated.


Electricity monopoly Unified Energy Systems has reiterated its tough stance on consumers paying for the electricity they use. The utility will be more lenient on indebted state organisations than on commercial users, but has said that the measures are necessary to avoid fuel shortfalls and power cuts.


Unified Energy Systems, Russia`s biggest electricity supplier will gradually increase tariffs for electricity supplies to the population while lowering tariffs for industrial enterprises.

The eastern promise of Russia’s hydropower

With 102 plants currently operating, a total installed capacity of 55 GW and an output of around 165 GWh/year, Russia is the fifth-largest hydropower generator in the world. Yet in terms of exploiting its hydropower resources, Russia trails markedly on the world stage, taking second place behind China.

Waste gas turbines to Russia’s Rosneft

Siemens Energy has signed a contract with the Russian oil and gas company Rosneft for the delivery of three 45 MW SGT-800 gas turbines.

Russia’s power sector: An inside view

Russia's reform of its conventional electricity market is widely recognised as one of the most ambitious reform processes ever undertaken by any country.

Alstom’s new JV good news for Russia’s power grid

France’s Alstom Grid and Soyuz Holding of Russia have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to manufacture and commercialise high-voltage switchgear, following a memorandum of understanding they signed in 2011.

To Russia with shale

Has political dithering resulted in the shale gas ship sailing already in Europe, or could a shale boom give Europe some much-needed leverage in the wake of events in Ukraine?

Powering Modern Russia

When a geographic region covers about one-eighth of the world's land surface, the term 'country' takes on a whole new meaning.

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