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UK launches National Infrastructure Commission

Chancellor George Osborne launched the National Infrastructure Commission on Friday, in an initiative that aims to create a stronger culture of delivery for all vital UK projects, including power generation and energy security.
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UK: National Infrastructure Commission calls for 65% renewables by 2030

New research carried out for the UK's National Infrastructure Commission shows that Britain should aim for renewables to meet two-thirds of electricity needs by 2030.

Infrastructure Commission calls for UK ‘smart power revolution’

The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission has called for a ‘smart power revolution’ in Britain’s energy system.

Association for Decentralised Energy responds to NIC call for evidence

THE UK’s leading decentralised energy advocate has welcomed a call for evidence from the newly initiated government National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).

Energy storage in the UK: Benefits and Barriers

The National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) ‘Smart Power’ report in March 2016, found that £8 billion could be saved in the UK annually by 2030 through increased flexibility from a combination of greater interconnection, energy storage and demand-side adaptabilities.

UK government passes energy policy power to new commission

There is some confusion as to the role of the department of energy and climate change following a reorganisation announced by the UK’s chancellor for the exchequer George Osborne this week.

SHARC Energy in sewage heat recovery deal with ENGIE

UK green energy firm SHARC Energy Systems is to integrate its sewage heat recovery technology into ENGIE’s heat network portfolio in the UK and Ireland.

A flexible energy system could be the answer to achieving net...

The launch of a vital project that will investigate the role of a flexible energy system in achieving a net zero economy...

Report warns of financial consequences of CCS cancellation

A report by the carbon capture and storage industry in the UK has forecast financial woe for the government if it does not reverse its decision to cancel a £1bn funding competition for) initiatives could make it 'challenging' for the UK to meet climate change commitments.

Bentley announcements herald era of the digital twin

Bentley Systems' Year in Infrastructure conference in London this week has seen a succession of announcements around the development of software enabling industries to develop 'digital twins' in support of their projects.

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