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China suspends coal power projects to avoid overcapacity

China's National Energy Administration has ordered the suspension of 85 coal-fired power projects. 

China grants more wind farm approvals to meet targets

China’s National Energy Administration has approved more wind farms as it seeks to ease grid bottlenecks.

China announces massive renewable power generation plan

The Chinese National Energy Administration has announced a significant development drive targeted at increasing renewable power.

How China added 5.2 GW of solar PV capacity in four months

In the first quarter of this year, China added 5.2 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity, according to the National Energy Administration.

China prepares to launch distributed energy trading scheme

China is set to launch a distributed energy trading scheme next year, according to the country’s National Energy Administration. 

China to boost gas use in distributed energy systems

China's National Energy Administration (NEA) says it plans to launch 1000 distributed generation (DG) projects with natural gas as the fuel source in 2011.

Chinese nuclear plants ordered to improve safety

China ordered three nuclear power stations to improve safety management procedures in case of severe accidents, according to a report published on June 20 on the National Energy Administration website.

China aims to control total energy consumption

Liu Tienan, head of China’s National Energy Administration, said that the country should give higher priority to controlling total energy consumption as it faces strains on supply amid fast development.

Chinese regions may face winter power shortage, says NEA

China’s southern and central regions, which depend heavily on hydropower, will face a power supply squeeze this winter due to strong demand growth and low water storage, says China’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

Record distributed solar installations evident in China

China has added a record capacity of new solar in 2017, with much of it being accounted for by rooftop solar power.