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The role of demand-side management in Europe’s energy transition

Azad Camyab, the founder and CEO of UK-based demand-side response aggregator Pearlstone Energy shares his thoughts on the opportunities and barriers within the market and how they can be taken advantage of or addressed.

Brindisi: Enel’s large post-combustion carbon capture pilot plant

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that world demand for primary energy will grow by 36 per cent through 2035, in the New Policies Scenario.

A new lease of life for LCPD opted-out power plants?

The European Union's Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) replaces seven existing EU Directives; one of which is the Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCPD).

Another UK coal power plant set for closure

A 2,000 MW coal power generation plant in England is set to shut down in the coming weeks as a result of the European Commission's Large Combustion Plant Directive.

RWE announces closure of two UK power plants

German-owned utility RWE npower today announced that two of its UK power stations will close next year under the EU Large Combustion Plant Directive.

ICIS outlines winter challenges to UK wholesale market

Market information provider, ICIS, is reporting a consistent influence on the UK wholesale energy market from factors such as the ongoing Ukraine conflict and legislation such as the Large Combustion Plant Directive.

Europe votes for stricter pollution laws on power plants

Power plants in the EU will have to cut the amount of toxic pollutants such as nitrogen oxides they emit under new rules approved by a majority of member states.

Bulgaria to request exemption from EU law on coal plants

The Bulgarian government is to ask Brussels for an exemption from new pollution laws on the grounds that it will not be able to afford the costs of upgrading its coal power fleet.

Heating targeted for EU emissions reduction

The European Commission is to review all permits to district heating plants and power stations as part of a plan to further tackle pollution.

RJM replaces burners at UK coal plant

UK emissions reduction company RJM International is carrying out a full burner replacement project on a coal plant in England.