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Osborne defends Hinkley Point C nuclear power project

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer has had to rigorously defend the government’s position in moving forward with the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

Austria confirms it will take legal action if Hinkley Point approved

The Austrian government has stepped up the rhetoric ahead of a vote on Wednesday on whether to allow the UK press ahead with its €20.4bn Hinkley Point nuclear power project.

Austrian environment minister indicates Hinkley lawsuit imminent

Austria’s environment minister has repeated that his country will not be deterred from launching a lawsuit that could derail the Hinkley Point nuclear power project for five to eight years.

Top Austrian lawyer says Commission unlikely to be challenged on UK...

One of Austria’s foremost legal experts in the field of energy believes Vienna will not go through with its proposed legal action against the European Commission over its approval of subsidies for Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear power project.

EU antitrust chief seeks clarification on UK nuclear

The UK's entire energy strategy is in danger of being derailed after the European Union’s antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia commented that he wants the British government to clarify why state aid is needed to build the Hinkley Point nuclear power project in southwest England.

Saudi Electric eye Hinkley Point stake

Top Saudi Arabian utility, Saudi Electric, is in negotiations with EDF with a view to a stake in the UK’s most important nuclear power project.

China’s nuclear power revival on course

China is set to meet its target total installed nuclear capacity of 58 GW, according to an official from the China Atomic Energy Authority.

CNNC open to closer ties with Areva

A top official at China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) says the company is open to all forms of an alliance with French nuclear firm, Areva.
Sign for Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant

Contract announcements at Hinkley despite shadow of Austria challenge

In October 2013, Chinese utilities CGN and CNNC signed an agreement with EDF to take a 30 to 40 percent stake in the consortium to build Hinkley Point. The new supply deal would mean that the participation of the Chinese companies would not be purely financial, French daily Les Echos said.

Fresh threats to Hinkley Point as opposition hardens

French unions could derail the decision by EDF to approve a final investment decision of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant on the basis that board members were given scant time to read the volumes of information associated with the project.

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