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Glencore chief’s comments contested by renewables advocates

Sceptical comments expressed about the progress of renewable energy by the head of Glencore have been challenged by the renewable lobby.

Eskom clashes with Glencore over failure to supply coal-fired power plant

Glencore’s offer to provide coal to Eskom at a higher price than it usually pays has led the South African state utility to state it will seek compensation.
Tony Hayward

Glencore chief says solar ‘not the answer’ for industrialising countries

The chairman of Glencore has told a gathering of power executives in Paris that renewable power is not currently capable of replacing coal in industrialising countries.

Australian on-site CCGTs commissioned

Siemens has completed the commissioning of two combined-cycle power blocks that are used to supply power to mines operated by Glencore in the Mount Isa region in the Australian state of Queensland.

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