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European Turbine Network notes positives for gas-fired power

The European Turbine Network believes recent developments in the EU’s power generation scene augur well for gas-fired power, but primarily in terms of re-starting mothballed facilities.

Network drives turbine technology to new highs

PEi: There are a number of associations in Europe that are dedicated to the conventional turbine (gas and steam) sector. What makes the European Turbine Network [ETN] different?

ETN: Gas-fired power prediction ‘no surprise’

The European Turbine Network has welcomed the conclusions of this week’s International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook, which predicts a dominant period ahead for gas-fired power, along with renewables.

Sustainable Energy Week to highlight potential of microturbines

European Turbine Network, COGEN Europe, AEBIOM and the Renewable Heating & Cooling Platform are to organise a policy session entitled “Micro-Gas Turbines put a new spin on green energy production” during the forthcoming EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

Favourable conditions sees RWE plan gas plant re-start

A change in market conditions in Europe has prompted RWE to plan the re-start of a previously mothballed gas-fired power plant in the Netherlands.

Gas turbines in a low-carbon economy

Gas turbines continue to become more environment friendly, with their high efficiency and very low emissions.

Gas & Steam Turbine Directory 2012 Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to present the second edition of Power Engineering International's special Gas & Steam Turbine Directory issue, which as the name suggests focuses on the workhorses of the conventional power industry, namely gas and steam turbines.

Politicians slow to react to EU power reality – ETN

The head of Europe's main gas turbine association says politicians are failing to react quickly enough to the realities of the bloc’s power sector, leading to coal power continuing to hold sway in certain countries.

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