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ENGIE and Masdar to expand UAE’s green hydrogen market with $5bn alliance

A new partnership has been formed to help expand the green hydrogen market in the UAE and help the country to accelerate its energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy.

Emmanuel Macron commits €15bn to definitive climate action

French President, Emmanuel Macron, has pledged an additional €15bn ($17bn) for measures to combat the climate crisis over the next two years.

Macron commits to SMR reactors and green hydrogen by 2030

Emmanuel Macron said that by 2030 France must be a leader in carbon-free power generation, placing the focus squarely on nuclear energy and green hydrogen.

PEI Connect: Time to put nuclear back in Europe’s energy toolbox?

European industry is calling for greater emphasis on nuclear power in the face of a gas crunch and stringent emissions targets.

PEI Connect: European leaders call for atomic energy

PEi Connect start with a focus on French president Emmanuel Macron's call for more nuclear power.

EU leaders say nuclear is ‘indispensable to fighting climate change’

The leaders of seven European Union Member States, led by French president Emmanuel Macron, have written to the European Commission on the role of nuclear power in EU climate and energy policy.

EDF makes bid for Areva

An official €2bn bid has been made for Areva's nuclear reactor business. The French government will have the final say on what deal, if any, is permitted.

New French PM reinforces nuclear-renewables message

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says a massive deployment of renewable energy will be needed in tandem with nuclear power as the new government's energy policy takes shape.

French presidency favourite cites renewables preference

Emmanuel Macron, the favourite to be France's next president, wants to marginalise fossil fuel, curb nuclear and facilitate renewable energy.

Macron may delay cutback on French nuclear power share

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron could delay plans to reduce the share of nuclear power in France's generation mix by 2025.