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Eletrobras ‘deberàƒ­a deshacerse de distribuidores’

La empresa estatal brasileña Eletrobras debería vender sus distribuidores al sector de la empresa privada, de acuerdo con Ricardo Corrêa, un experto en energía de la firma Ativa Corretora.

Binacional hydro facility poses no risk says Eletrobras

The governments of Brazil and Argentina want the construction of the 2.2 GW Garabi-Parambi hydroelectric complex to start by 2016, but like so many similar large-scale hydro projects it is facing serious opposition.

Brazilian government to sell controlling stake in Eletrobras

The news that Brazil’s government is to sell a controlling stake in the country’s largest power generator has seen a sharp rise in share price, but also some confusion as to the implications of the sale.

Eletrobras submits paperwork on proposed hydro megaproject

Brazil's state-owned Eletrobras has completed and submitted a technical and financial feasibility analysis on the Sao Luiz do Tapajos 8000 MW hydro project to Aneel, Brazil’s electricity regulator.

Eletrobras tenders for Brazilian transmission project

Eletrobras Amazonas Energia, a subsidiary of Brazil’s state-owned Eletrobras, has launched a tender for the construction of the 69-kV Manaus-Santo Antonio C2 transmission line.

Failing economy jeopardises Eletrobras sale

The $8bn privatization of Brazilian electric utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras (Eletrobras) could be delayed due to the country`s economic woes. The sale is planned for the second half of the year and is central to Brazil`s privatization programme.

Eletrobras to investigate green hydrogen production in Brazil

Brazil state utility Eletrobras and its research arm Cepel are partnering with Siemens Energy to develop green hydrogen production.

Eletrobras, Siemens and World Bank to target electricity theft

Eletrobras, the largest utility in Latin America, is teaming up with Siemens and the World Bank in a project aimed at defeating energy theft.

Eletrobras takes controlling stake in Brazilian transmission project

Eletronorte, a subsidiary of Eletrobras, will acquire a controlling stake in the Linha Verde transmission line, which will be constructed in Brazil's Amazon region.

Eletrobras to invest $465 million in Brazilian power infrastructure

Eletrobras, the Brazilian state-owned electricity transmission utility, has been given the go ahead to invest 1.15 billion reais ($465 million) to expand its electricity generation and transmission capacities amid an acute energy crisis.