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The role of demand-side management in Europe’s energy transition

Azad Camyab, the founder and CEO of UK-based demand-side response aggregator Pearlstone Energy shares his thoughts on the opportunities and barriers within the market and how they can be taken advantage of or addressed.

District heating scheme to participate in DSR

A local council in the UK has signed-up its fledgling combined heat and power-based district heating scheme to provide demand side response services to National Grid.

DSR firm KiWi Power wins renewables battery storage deal

UK energy management services KiWi Power has won a National Grid contract to build a behind-the-meter battery.

Navigating the plethora of energy management solutions

Businesses looking to profit from energy management solutions have a number of challenges to overcome. Not least of these is trying to understand how to make the most of the potential for generating income. 

UK auction secures 312 MW of demand-side response capacity

The UK's National Grid has secured over 312 MW of turndown demand-side response capacity in its Transitional Arrangements auction. 

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter

In energy terms, flexibility means having the ability to adapt to changes in the electricity system. 

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter

This article discusses the importance of energy resilience behind the meter, what resilience looks like to I&C energy consumers, and how storage, predictive maintenance and on-site assets play their parts.

Smart technology a ‘no brainer’ for an optimal power sector

When Power Engineering International spoke to Jens Madrian earlier this year he was enthused about the potential of smart technology and the possibilities arising for the power sector. We caught up with him again this week when Reactive Energy's Grid Data Measurement System was unveiled.

Flexitricity wins government funding for SME grid balancing project

A UK firm has won government funding for a project which aims to allow smaller commercial energy users to access Britain's electricity balancing market.

Enel X awarded 554MW demand response at UK’s capacity auction

Enel X UK Limited was awarded 554MW of demand side response capacity for 2024-25 delivery in Great Britain's Capacity Market.