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Climate change to hinder Africa’s hydropower says IEA

The International Energy Agency has released a new report entitled Climate Impacts on African Hydropower.

US welcomes four key programmes to address C-19 and climate change

A new study highlights four key stimulus programmes to help the US recover from COVID-19 while ensuring progress towards a low-carbon future.

Citi unveils $1.5bn green bond to combat climate change

Citi has unveiled its first US dollar denominated green bond to finance environmental-friendly projects.

COVID-19, Climate change and Africa’s energy future

"COVID19 has demonstrated what could happen when nations unite around a common cause," says Dr Anthony Nyong, Director: Climate Change and Green Growth, African Development Bank.

Earth Day Feature: Adjust how you heat and eat to fight...

Most people believe that climate change is a big problem but this concern does not necessarily translate into understanding or behaviour change.

COP26 climate change conference postponed

The COP26 UN climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow in November has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Jeff Bezos launches $10bn ‘Earth Fund’ to fight climate change

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he is launching the “Bezos Earth Fund" to preserve the planet

How solar geoengineering could fight climate change and poverty

As the world’s experts race to find ways to combat climate change, new findings reveal that an experimental process to redirect the sun’s energy could mitigate...

Global call for biogas to address climate change

Major biogas industry corporations, led by the World Biogas Association (WBA), are calling on the world's governments to act urgently to unlock...

More power generation needed to keep the lights on amidst climate...

A new analysis from university-based and national laboratory researchers applied a new modeling approach for long-term electricity generation infrastructure planning that considers...

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