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Brazil gains 18 distributed solar projects thanks to $63m investment

VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities has announced a $63 million investment to fund 18 remote distributed solar generation projects in Brazil.

Brazil’s toughest challenge

Brazil's power crisis is having a severe impact on the country's economy, bringing downward revisions in growth forecasts. But the crisis could be good news for investors with numerous opportunities for generation and transmission capacity opening up.
EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables enters Chilean market with $38 million acquisition

EDP Renewables is expanding its presence globally with two separate deals reached with Atacama Energy and Lader Energy in Chile.

Boosting Brazil’s Networks

ABB plans to build two 1200 MW transmission systems in north and northeast Brazil which will reinforce the existing system, bringing reliability and stability to the grid.


The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has given permission to the first three companies in the Wholesale Energy Market to begin operating. Electrobras will sell excess power from the Itaipu hydropower plant, while the Cien consortium will import power from Argentina. AES Sul will also participate. Aneel has received ten other requests to participate.


Brazilian power generator, Cemig and an industrial consortium have signed a contract with a Siemens-led consortium for the construction of the 112 MW Porta Estrela hydropower plant on the San Antonio river. The deal is worth $53.4m. The project will be built by Siemens, Voith and Brazilian engineering groups Estacon and Spec.


The auction of Saelpa, the energy distribution company for Paraiba state, will take place this June, although the exact date has yet to be decided. The minimum bid price for the company is likely to be R$619m ($374m). Saelpa went to the auction bloc last December but was not sold due to a lack of interest.


US-based Entergy is in negotiations with 35 potential clients in Brazil: five electricity companies, and about 30 large industries which have free choice of supplier. Entergy is hoping to secure the sale of 65 per cent of the output from the 800 MW Bom Jardim power station, which it is planning to build in São Paulo state. Meanwhile, CMS Energy Corp. has acquired 95 per cent of Cia. Paulista de Energia`s voting stock for $85m through its Brazilian subsidiary CMS Basil Energia Ltda and a US-

Brazil’s Chesf will auction diesel plant

Brazil?s state-owned power generation company Chesf will call for tender by late November or early December for the extension and conversion to natural gas supply of the thermoelectric diesel plant Bongi.

Brazil’s nuclear plants set records

The electricity produced by Brazil’s two nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and Angra 2, set new records in 2011.

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