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Indonesian ministries reiterate commitment to clean coal

The World Coal Association in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment & Forestry and Energy & Natural Resources of Indonesia, held a joint workshop titled "Building pathways for high efficiency low emissions coal technology in Indonesia" in Jakarta on Tuesday.

China’s embrace of clean coal an example to follow ” WCA

The Chief Executive of the World Coal Association says China's energy strategy shows there is still a place for coal power, while building a low carbon energy system.

World Coal body calls for CCS investment

Greater investment in clean coal technologies is crucial for meeting growing energy demand and reducing carbon emissions, the World Coal Association (WCA) has said.

World Coal Association chief urges CCS policy drive

The chief executive of the World Coal Association has highlighted the importance of cleaner coal technologies in Asia as the region turns to coal to meet its booming energy demand.

Coal industry lobbies UK government to revive CCS

The British coal industry is hoping the change in the country's government can enable a revival for carbon capture and storage technology.

Indonesia looking to integrate more clean coal technology

The Indonesian government is working with the World Coal Association (WCA) in a bid to incorporate more clean coal technology into its existing and future coal-fired power plants.

Turning point in European power but coal protests value of CCS

The senior director of a New York-based international energy consultancy that has tracked European energy markets for two decades believes the EU's phase-out of coal in favour of gas represents a turning point for the bloc's energy market.

Dramatic decline in coal power plant pipeline

A newly published report has found that the global pipeline for new coal-fired power plants halved in 2016, but the coal industry says the report is misleading in framing a â€Ëœfreefall' scenario for the sector.

Phasing out coal to hinder UK energy objectives – Sporton

The head of the World Coal Association says completely abandoning the use of coal from the UK's power generation mix will make the government's objectives for energy â€Ëœconsiderably more difficult.'

Politicians slow to react to EU power reality – ETN

The head of Europe's main gas turbine association says politicians are failing to react quickly enough to the realities of the bloc's power sector, leading to coal power continuing to hold sway in certain countries.