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Excess use of land for bioenergy a mistake- German minister

The German environment minister, Barbara Hendricks, has conceded there has been excessive use of land for bioenergy crops in Germany.

Merkel rules out German nuclear ‘bad bank’

Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out the possibility of utilities handing over responsibility for decommissioning Germany's nuclear power plants to a new public foundation where taxpayers would assume liability.

Czech Vattenfall deal may falter on government’s strategy

CEZ’s bid to acquire Vattenfall’s lignite coal-fired power plants hinge on the German government’s ultimate plans for the fuel source’s phase-out.

German minister acknowledges exit strategy from coal power needed

Germany’s Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has provided more clarity on the country’s plans for coal power over the coming decades.

Germany makes plans for coal phase-out

The German environment minister Barbara Hendricks says the government is working out a plan aimed at removing coal from its power generation mix by mid-century.

Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant shut down

The oldest remaining nuclear reactor in Germany has been taken off the grid for good.

Merkel plans coal power phase-out after 2017 election

Germany plans to announce the phase out of its coal-fired power generation sector after the 2017 elections.

Germany compromises on Belgian reactor fears

The German and Belgian governments have reached a compromise on the issue of the safety of nuclear power plants that straddle the country’s borders.

Ruling: Germany must pay utilities over nuclear phase-out

Germany’s constitutional court has ruled that the country’s government must compensate utilities for the decision to phase out nuclear power entirely by 2022.

German utilities and government disagree on ‘bad bank’ proposal

A plan by Germany’s major utilities to set up a ‘bad bank’ as a means of transferring the risks associated with decommissioning has been rejected by the country’s environment minister.