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German energy leaders seek federal support for low carbon transition

A leading German energy association and regional energy minister both called for increased German federal support in meeting the country's decarbonisation goals. Speaking at the...

Renewables cover 42% of German power consumption

If wind and solar energy yields in the fourth quarter equal the average of the last few years, renewables' share could amount to 42...

Germany to support mining regions after coal exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet has adopted a draft law aimed at strengthening coal regions following the country's coal exit.

Bayer lauds ‘perfect suitability’ of CHP for its chemical operations

German pharmaceutical, chemical and life science giant, Bayer, greatly appreciates the role combined heat and power is playing in facilitating its operations.

German power lobby says cogeneration can resolve energy security threat

The German energy industry association, or BDEW, is recommending the government back combined heat and power technology as a means of improving the country's energy security.

European Turbine Network notes positives for gas-fired power

The European Turbine Network believes recent developments in the EU's power generation scene augur well for gas-fired power, but primarily in terms of re-starting mothballed facilities.

German gas-fired power output up 13 per cent

The German energy lobby group, BDEW, has released data showing that gas-fired power output has risen 13 per cent for the first three quarters of 2017.

Is gas power about to supersede coal in Germany?

Germany has long been lauded for its Energiewende policy, but its achievement in facilitating renewables has been somewhat tainted by a continuing reliance on coal-fired power. With the German General Election coming up on the 24th September, there are some soundings that the relationship with coal is about to change, but not everyone is convinced.

Energy association chief says Germany ought to favour gas over coal

The head of Germany's biggest energy industry associations, BDEW, or Federal Association of Energy and Water Management says the government ought to be using gas-fired power to backbone the Energiewende, or energy transition.

CHP prompts German power use rise

German power use was up for the first half of 2017, with combined heat and power recognised as playing a significant part.