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Aboitiz joins hunt for Chevron’s geothermal assets

Aboitiz Power Corporation is considering making a bid for Chevron’s Indonesia and Philippine geothermal assets.

Aboitiz Power to sign deals to finance 900 MW of coal...

The Aboitiz Power Group in the Philippines expects to sign several loan agreements in 2013, which will enable the company to finance two coal power plant projects worth a total of $1.82bn.

Aboitiz to spend $2.85m on generation capacity in the Philippines

Philippines utility, Aboitiz Power is to spend $2.85bn on improving generation capacity over the next three years in an effort to combat power shortfalls in the country.

Hedcor to construct 7 MW HEP plant in Philippines

Aboitiz Power Corp subsidiary, Hedcor, is to construct a 7 MW Tudaya 2 Hydroelectric Project in Davao del Sur province, the Philippines.

Refurbished hydro facility boasts 40 per cent rise in output

SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP), a daughter company of SN Power, has fully commission the 105 MW Ambuklao hydroelectric plant in the Philippines, following a three-year rehabilitation project.

Philippine’s Meralco acquires major stake in power generation assets

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) of the Philippines is acquiring a majority stake in an Aboitiz Power Corporation joint venture that is building two 300 MW coal fired power plants in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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