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US to decouple Ethiopian aid from Grand Renaissance Dam dispute

The US will de-link its suspension of millions of dollars of aid to Ethiopia from its policy on the contested Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and hydro project.

Ethiopia downplays impact of global opinion on its hydro plans

International concerns are unlikely to hinder financing for Ethiopia's hydro programme, said Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

PEI Connect: Could the filling of the Blue Nile dam cause a water war?

The filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is raising tensions and has the potential to permanently alter the humanitarian conditions between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

Grand Renaissance dam talks at risk due to Tigray conflict

Talks have resumed to resolve conflict surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam however, conflict in Tigray could cause delays.

Tratos wins contract to supply Africa’s largest dam

Specialist cable manufacturer Tratos Cavi Spa has been awarded a multi million pound contract to supply the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with low and high voltage cables.

Hydroelectric project doubles Ethiopia’s capacity

The $1.56bn 1870 MW Gibe III hydroelectric project in Ethiopia has been commissioned and is set to double the country's electricity production.

Ethiopian power threatened by drought

Ethiopia is facing an electricity crisis as drought continues to undermine its hydroelectric power stations.

PEi Connect: 2021 Starts off with a bang

Pei Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (4-8 January)

Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan continue negotiations over hydro project

The ministers for foreign affairs and water resources of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan met with the Secretary of the Treasury and the President of...

Ethiopia: Grand Renaissance reservoir fills as talks fail

Ethiopia has denied reports it is filling the reservoir of Africa's largest dam on the Nile even though satellite images show a steady increase in the amount of water being held back by the new mega dam.