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Ørsted consortium bags gigawatt-scale floating wind in ScotWind leasing round

An Ørsted consortium has entered an option agreement for a new floating wind project as part of the latest ScotWind leasing round.

What happens when an energy supply company goes under?

As several energy firms collapsed this year, a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) was appointed to ensure customers stay supplied. But what does this mean for energy firms?

Not all storage solutions are created equal

Understanding the different methods of energy storage allows us to glimpse the shape of our future energy system. Hans Maghon of Siemens Energy explains.

Orkney: Turning the tides to renewables

The small archipelago off Scotland is not only Europe’s go-to hub for marine energy innovation, it is also home to projects for hydrogen, wind and electric vehicles. Pamela Largue finds out more.

Synchronous condensers put vital spinning inertia back into decarbonized power grids

It is increasingly challenging for network operators to maintain grid strength and stability as the generation mix shifts to renewable energy. Heikki Vepsäläinen of ABB explains how synchronous condensers (SCs) can provide vital reinforcement.

PEI Webinars – A year in review

Take a look at our most popular webinar sessions that took place during 2021.

Webcast Recording: Sustainable IoT in renewable energy

In this live session, experts from Cisco will talk about the trends they see in the renewable energy space, the challenges around creating these trends, and how to build a modern, future-proof and secure communications architecture.