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Chilean power firm revises cost of El Pinar hydro project


Aaktei Energia, a Chilean power company, has revised the estimated investment in its 11.5 MW El Pinar run-of-river project to $ 23.4m, reports say, citing a recently published environmental impact declaration.

European companies attracted by Brazil's wind potential


Spanish and Portuguese companies are reportedly considering wind investment opportunities in Brazil following forecasts that its renewable sector is expected to grow by 29 per cent by 2016.

$347m wind turbine deal in Brazil


Brazilian infrastructure group Queiroz Galvao has commissioned Alstom to supply $347m worth of wind turbines for two wind power projects in northeast Brazil.

Martifer Solar to build 20 MW PV plant in Mexico


Portugal’s Martifer Solar is to build a 20 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico, for Consortium Sonora80M Integrator.

Gamesa to install over 250 MW of wind capacity for Eletrobras


Spain’s Gamesa is to install 129 wind turbines in Brazil after signing an agreement with major power utility, Eletrobras, which has a current market share of over 36 per cent in power generation in the country.

Costa Rica’s ICE to promote geothermal power


Costa Rica's state energy company ICE has said it will conduct a study to promote the use of geothermal energy as a way to compensate for the unreliable generation from its hydropower facilities, a result of changing rainfall patterns.

Large hydro plant gets green light for black start system


Brazil's power sector watchdog Aneel has approved the installation of a black-start, diesel-fuelled generator at the 3750 MW Jirau hydroelectric facility.

Power demand in Peru set to soar to 2016


Peru's energy demand is set to rise by an average of 8.6 per cent over the next four years, according to the latest estimates from the country's Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Renewables’ role in the Dominican Republic's future power mix


The Caribbean area has a huge potential for renewable energy production, especially solar power. However, countries like the Dominican Republic have not created the infrastructure needed to obtain electricity via these sources. However, this is changing. Spanish company Isofoton is to become one of the first firms to build a solar photovoltaic plant on Dominican soil

Alstom wins $302m Brazilian wind turbine deal


Alstom Renewable Power has signed a letter of intent with Brazilian wind power developer Casa dos Ventos to provide turbines for new wind farms in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Energia Llaima to invest more than $300m in Chile


Energia Llaima, a Chilean energy company that is focused on hydro and solar thermal development, is planning to invest in excess of $300m in projects over the next five years.

Energias del Peru to provide back-up thermal power


Energias del Peru, a Colombian and Chilean consortium, has signed an agreement with Peru’s government to build and operate two back-up thermoelectric power plants.

Bio Energias forecasts $197m in earnings to 2013


Bio Energias, a Brazilian energy company, expects to earn R$400m ($197m) from the sale of 360 MW of power in the free energy market by the end of next year.

Dominican Republic to build its first solar PV plant


Spanish firm Isofoton is building what is described as the Dominican Republic’s first solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant.

Brazil forecast for huge renewables growth


Brazil’s total installed wind capacity could rocket from the current 2769 MW to 19 420 MW by 2020 according to new research.

Ecuador slow to add green energy to power mix


Officials in Ecuador are adding renewable energy sources to the country’s grid but the process is slow and will not see a significant shift until at least 2016,

New ruling against Brazil’s Belo Monte dam


A recent judicial order in Brazil to halt the construction of the controversial Belo Monte dam, writes Fabiana Frayssinet of Inter Press Service, shows how courts in that country “are prepared to uphold the right of indigenous people to be consulted on projects that affect them and their territories.”

Brazil's Queiroz Galvao promises $1.48bn wind investment


Brazilian industrial conglomerate Queiroz Galvao is set to invest about $1.48bn in wind power projects up to 2016, Valor Economico reports.

Enel receives $76m boost for Mexican wind farm


Italian energy group, Enel Green Power’s subsidiary Impulsora Nacional de Electricidad is to receive a loan of $76m to support its investment in the 74 MW Bii Nee Stipa II wind farm in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Chile court blocks Batista’s coal power project


Chile has blocked the construction of a $5bn coal power plant due to environmental reasons.