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India to set uniform coal price and allow foreign companies to mine

23/10/2014 In a move to address its ongoing fuel shortages and persistent power blackouts, India’s government has announced that it will s...

US tells Japan overseas coal projects must include CCS

23/10/2014 Japan’s government has reportedly been challenged by US officials over its backing of overseas coal-fired power plant developme...

China wind sector to post record growth


China’s wind sector is set to post record growth this year despite persistent challenges, new analysis has found.

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Kelvin Ross presents this week's newscast - a round-up of the latest headlines being discussed in power industry circles.

New minister says ‘safe’ nuclear reactors will be re-started in Japan

21/10/2014 Japan’s new Trade minister, Yoichi Miyazawa, says he will continue with the policy of re-starting nuclear reactors that are dee...

Vestas plans new inroads in Chinese wind market

21/10/2014 Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is strategizing to increase its market penetration in China, where it currently lags be...

Levy to replace Proglio at EDF?

15/10/2014 Speculation is rife in France that the head of Europe’s biggest power generator, and the world’s biggest atomic operator, is se...

China to phase out solar and wind subsidies by 2020

15/10/2014 China is set to dramatically reduce its subsidy support for solar and wind power, the nation’s 13th five-year energy plan (2016...

Onshore wind is cheapest power source says EU report

15/10/2014 Onshore wind is a cheaper source of power than gas, coal and nuclear when ‘external’ factors such as air quality, human toxicit...

Cool runnings

14/10/2014 As the need for coal-fired power continues, the need for effective cooling measures has become more vital than ever. We examine...

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