More Wind Power News

RWE moves closer to $2bn British wind power park deal


RWE Innogy anticipates that it will have sewn up a $2bn (£1.3bn) deal to finance the Galloper offshore wind park project by November.

E.ON looks west


E.ON is strategically focusing on the US in a bid to develop its renewable power business.

Fury at UK plans to cut or scrap renewable feed-in tariffs


The UK government has today unveiled plans to radically reduce the financial support given to renewables under its feed-in tariff scheme.

Boost for French-Italian power interconnection


In line with the European aim EU for all member states to have interconnection capacity of at least 10 per cent of power generation capacity, France and Italy have begun the improvement of their cross-border connection line.

Hydropower to lead renewables surge in Canada


Hydropower is predicted to provide half of all Canada’s cumulative installed power generation capacity by 2025.

Balancing the risks of power blackouts with the costs of ensuring adequate supply


Bild outlines extent of struggle for power generators


Germany’s biggest selling newspapers have this week provided a telling description of the difficulties associated with the country’s power generation industry.

The London Array turns two


The 630 MW London Array - the world's largest operational offshore wind farm, covering an area of 100 km2 - has been online since 2012, and fully operational since 2013.

RWE launches power-to-gas plant in Germany


RWE has today launched a state-of-the-art power-to-gas plant in Germany.

Brazil to invest $53bn in energy projects


Over the next three years, Brazil is set to invest about $53,000 million in infrastructure to expand its power supply and reduce energy costs, which have risen in recent years.

Uruguay reviews wind power contracts


Uruguay's energy holding, UTE, is reviewing and canceling wind power supply contracts with private firms whose investments are in arrears.  

GE low wind turbines make debut in France


A new wind farm in France will be the first in the country to deploy GE’s 2.75-120 wind turbines.

Vietnam to ‘significantly transform power mix’


Vietnam is “poised to significantly transform its electrical power generation mix over the next two decades” according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Approval for $250m wind farm in Australia


Construction on a 315 MW wind farm in Australia will begin next year after it won development approval.

Wind to power Chinese heating networks


China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region in the northwest of the country is set to implement a heating solution using wind power.  

UK approves Dogger Bank offshore wind project


The UK has granted development consent for one of the world’s largest offshore wind projects.

Peru explores potential wind projects


The Peruvian government has given ContourGlobal a temporary concession to perform feasibility studies for two wind power plants, Almirante Grau and Cupisnique II.  

Japan installs world's largest floating offshore wind turbine


The world's largest floating wind turbine was installed this week off the Japanese coast.

Wind power sector looks to Iran


The wind industry is reportedly eyeing power project development in Iran as the anticipated end of sanctions in early 2016 opens new potential opportunities.