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Masdar to build GCC’s first large scale wind farm


Abu Dhabi renewable energy company Masdar today signed a deal to build a $125m large-scale wind farm in Oman – the first such project in the Gulf Co-operation Council.

Jordan ready to reap tri-fuel plant benefits


The world's largest internal combustion engine power plant is poised to enter commercial operation this month in Jordan.

Russia has key renewables role says IRENA boss


Meeting the world’s rising energy demand with the current global energy mix would be “catastrophic” according to the director of the International Renewable Energy Council.

Russian energy minister talks co-operation and renewables


Russia’s deputy energy minister today stressed the importance of international collaboration on energy projects.

Call for ‘system architect’ to lead UK decarbonisation


A report published today calls for a “system architect” to oversee the decarbonisation of the UK electricity sector.

IEA calls for solar policy clarity to deliver huge gains


Solar technologies could provide more power generation than fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear by 2050 if policymakers provide “clear, credible and consistent signals”, according to the International Energy Agency.

Trump says wind farm policy lost Scottish independence vote for SNP


US billionaire Donald Trump believes that the Scottish National Party lost last week’s vote for independence because of its energy policy and specifically its promotion of wind farms.

Flowserve starts next phase of Africa solar projects


Flowserve Corporation (NYSE: FLS) has completed engineering and is now in manufacturing key pumping systems for two major solar plants in Africa.

Japan to add 8 GW of solar PV this year


Japan will add a total of 8 GW to its solar PV installations this year, with just over 5.1 GW coming online in the second half of the year driven by government initiatives, according to a new report.

Masdar buys stake in UK offshore wind farm


Abu Dhabi renewables company Masdar has taken a £525m ($860m) stake in a UK offshore wind farm.

European regulators call for flexible and smarter systems


Europe’s energy regulators have today called for “our energy systems to become more flexible and smarter”.  

Energy sector relief as Scots vote ‘No’ to independence


Victory for the ‘No’ vote in yesterday’s referendum on Scottish independence has removed major questions marks over the future path of the UK energy industry.

EDF boss warns staff over Scotland independence


Vincent de Rivaz, the boss of EDF Energy in the UK, has urged his staff in Scotland to think of the company’s interests when they vote in tomorrow’s independence referendum.

Global offshore wind to grow fivefold says report


The global offshore wind market is expected to increase more than fivefold from 7.1 GW in 2013 to 39.9 GW by 2020, according to a new report.

Alstom wins $16m hydro deal in Vietnam


Alstom has won a contract worth around €13m ($16.8m) from Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to carry out an extension project to Thac Mo hydropower plant in Vietnam.

China tops renewables investment poll but UK slips down


China is now the top destination for renewables investment in the world according to an influential poll published today.

“Sustainability is about more than CO2 – it’s about economic growth”


The boss of a Malaysian power firm today said that “sustainability is about more than CO2 – it’s about economic growth”.

Malaysia makes renewables progress to hit ambitious green target


Malaysia’s progress in delivering renewables into its power mix were highlighted here at POWER-GEN Asia in Kuala Lumpur yesterday by the country’s deputy energy minister.

Siemens pulls out of Wales tidal array


Siemens has stopped work on what would have been the first tidal array in Wales.

Ivanpah giant solar plant incinerates birds in mid-air


Heat from the giant Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave Desert is incinerating birds in mid-air as they fly over the 393 MW facility.