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Nuclear power group Areva announces $5.6bn loss


Areva, the nuclear reactor builder has announced losses of $5.6bn for 2014.

Hungarian nuclear power plant could be blocked by Brussels


The proposed plan to build two 1200 MW nuclear reactors at Paks in Hungary has come under scrutiny by the European Commission and may be blocked.

FANC continues to look to science for answers to reactor vessel damage


Belgian energy corporation, Electrabel, is examining every available aspect of material science as it seeks to understand the reasons for the corrosion that compromised its reactor pressure vessels at Doel 3 and Tihange nuclear power plants.

Calls for global nuclear plant inspections following Belgian findings


Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) director-general Jans Bens has called for careful inspection of all 430 nuclear facilities globally.

Report shows decline in UK power generation contracts


The latest EIC Monitor report shows an overall drop of 25 per cent in contracting activity across UK power generation sectors in Q4 2014.

Uncertainty remains as to potency of Austrian challenge to Hinkley


While advocates of nuclear power are confident the Hinkley Point project will proceed past intended Austrian roadblocks, there is still a degree of uncertainty among qualified observers as to how the story will eventually unfold.

EDF announces fall in profits, reassures on Hinkley decision


French energy giant EDF has reported a drop in profits for 2014, citing mild winter weather, unplanned downtime at two of its UK nuclear power plants and “challenging market conditions”.

UK threatens diplomatic war on Austria over nuclear power lawsuit


A diplomatic cable indicating repercussions for Austria if it doesn’t drop its opposition to the UK’s nuclear power project at Hinkley Point has been leaked to the mainstream media.

Russia and Egypt sign up to nuclear power deal


Russia's Vladimir Putin and Egypt's Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have signed a preliminary agreement to cooperate on building a nuclear power plant.

Areva signs nuclear and renewables pact with Hungary


French company Areva has signed a pact with Hungarian engineering firm Evopro to collaborate on nuclear and renewable energy technologies.

Japan debates nuclear's share in 2030 energy mix


Nuclear power’s share in Japan's future energy mix is under debate ahead of June’s Group of Seven summit in Germany.

Sizewell B nuclear plant approved for another decade


The Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk, England had had its license to generate power renewed for a further 10 years.

$96bn merger to strengthen Chinese nuclear power influence


The Chinese government has approved a merger aimed at increasing the country’s capability as an exporter of nuclear power technology.

Vattenfall jettisons nuclear power plant plan


A new nuclear power plant set for Ringals, Sweden looks to have been scrapped as utility, Vattenfall continues to react to government pronouncements on reducing dependency on the nuclear sector.

Pentair wins valves deal for China nuclear power plant


Pentair Valves & Controls has won a deal to supply more than 200 high pressure, electric operated gate and check valves to the largest nuclear power plant in mainland China.

Obama- Modi deal clears way for US nuclear plant investment in India


A breakthrough brokered during a state visit by President Barack Obama looks set to open the path for US investment in the nuclear power sector once again.

A crucial juncture for world energy: IEA outlook for renewables, coal, gas and nuclear


With global energy demand projected to increase by 37 per cent by 2040, new and existing power generation technologies competing for subsidies and space on the grid, and political uncertainties looming large, the International Energy Agency says today’s stresses on the global energy system cannot be ignored.

Upgrades enable ten-year extension for Dungeness nuclear plant


EDF Energy CEO, Vincent de Rivaz, has announced an extension to the life span of the Dungeness B nuclear power plant at an event in London for EDF Energy’s strategic supply partners.

EDF and China Nuclear move closer to Hinkley Point agreement


An EDF executive has confirmed that the company is confident of an investment deal on the Hinkley Point project in England by the end of March.

French energy minister expresses support for new nuclear


The French minister for energy, Segolene Royal, has indicated that the government is in favour of building a new generation of nuclear reactors to replace France’s ageing fleet.