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EU gives ‘go-ahead’ for Hinkley Point C


The European Commission is reported to have agreed terms with the UK government to clear the way for EDF to build the £16bn Hinkley Point C nuclear plant.

Hitachi to open European Nuclear Research Centre in UK


Hitachi is to open the European Nuclear Research Centre (ENRC) in the UK.

Japan’s Obuchi to oversee nuclear restart programme


Japan's first female economy, trade and industry minister, Yuko Obuchi, is set to be a lightning rod for the nation's nuclear debate. 

France could face power shortage due to reactor closures, says TSO


France could face a winter power shortage as soon as next year due to the planned closure of two of its nuclear reactors, the nation’s grid operator has warned.

Is public acceptance a business risk for the nuclear industry?


Having spent a day at the World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) annual Symposium in London, this reporter came away with the view that the nuclear sector’s key focus at present centres on two issues: security of fuel supply and public acceptance of nuclear power.

Russia set to build new Iranian power plants


Russia's energy minister has said Russia is interested in building new power plants in Iran as well as refurbishing the nation’s older plants.

Final safety approval given for Japan nuclear plant restart


Japan's nuclear regulator has given final safety approval for utility Kyushu Electric Power to restart the two reactors at its Sendai plant.

Chinese firm is sole bidder for Romanian nuclear project


A Chinese company has submitted the only bid in a tender to construct a Romanian nuclear power project, state-owned power producer Nuclearelectrica has announced.

China and Argentina in $2bn nuclear power agreement


China has agreed to lend assistance to Argentina in its bid to build its fourth nuclear power plant.

Australia-India uranium deal to assist Indian nuclear power drive


A deal between the Australian and Indian governments looks set to boost Australia’s uranium industry as well as India’s nuclear power ambitions.

Saudi announces first plant as part of ambitious nuclear programme


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that its first nuclear reactor will be under construction by the end of this year.

Cavendish Fluor takes over decommissioning of 12 UK nuclear sites


Cavendish Fluor Partnership (CFP) has been formally awarded a multi-billion pound contract to handle the nuclear decommissioning of 12 reactors in the UK.

Molluscs force German coal-fired power plant to shut down


The 757 MW Wilhelmshaven hard coal-fired power plant has had to be temporarily shut down after North Sea mussels clogged the facility’s cold water inflow system.

Belgium braces for power cuts


The Belgian government is making contingency plans as the impact of the closure of half its nuclear capacity looks set to see the imposition of planned power cuts this winter.

Chinese make big inroads in nuclear power


South Korea may be forced to abandon nuclear power due to spent fuel issue


South Korea is under pressure to find storage space for its spent nuclear fuel, as temporary storage capacity is expected to be full by 2016 according to an independent body that advises the Korean government.

Areva awarded retrofit contract in South Africa


The Koeberg nuclear power plant is to be upgraded with six new steam generators as the South African government continues to improve its nuclear power capacity.

Jordan and Russia in nuclear plant construction deal


Jordan is set to sign a multi-billion dollar deal with Russia for the construction of the Kingdom’s first nuclear power plant.

Electrabel confirms Doel 4 nuclear power plant sabotage


Belgium has been left without half of its nuclear capacity, as GDF Suez subsidiary Electrabel confirmed that its Doel 4 nuclear reactor has been shut down due to sabotage.

EDF Energy shuts down UK nuclear plants


Operator EDF Energy has shut down four nuclear reactors in the UK due to a fault in a boiler unit.