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French government ponders €5bn rescue for Areva


A rescue package for troubled French nuclear group Areva could see the French government having to pay up to €5bn.

Former energy secretary berates Hinkley Point C nuclear project


The UK’s flagship new nuclear power project at Hinkley Point C has been described as “one of the worst deals ever” for British consumers and industry by a Conservative former energy secretary.

Austrian legal challenge to Hinkley Point is ‘doomed to fail’


The Austrian legal challenge lodged yesterday against the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in the UK is “doomed to fail” according to Britain’s union for nuclear workers.

Nuclear chief says Austrian legal action ‘damaging to efforts to address climate change’


The Austrian government has finally filed its legal challenge against the deal that facilitates subsidies for a nuclear power plant in the UK.

EDF purchase of Areva means changed financial structure for Hinkley


Plans for EDF to buy Areva's nuclear business are set to have an impact on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

Areva unveils robot for nuclear power plants


Areva has delivered to the French Atomic Energy Commission the first in a new generation of robots designed to be used in nuclear power plants.

Austria postpones filing complaint on Hinkley


The Austrian government says it has decided to postpone its filing of a lawsuit that would impact on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant shut down


The oldest remaining nuclear reactor in Germany has been taken off the grid for good.

France and Saudi move closer to nuclear reactor deal


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is close to forging an agreement with France to develop European Pressurised nuclear reactors (EPRs) in a bid to reduce its dependency on domestic oil and gas consumption.

Two Swedish nuclear reactors face closure


E.ON- owned OKG plans to shut down two nuclear reactors at its Oskarshamn plant in Sweden.

Austria to file lawsuit against Hinkley Point decision on Monday


The Austrian government has declared that it will launch its much threatened legal challenge to the European Commission decision that facilitates the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant on Monday.

Fear of more delays as Hinkley nuclear reactor component faces test


The 110-tonne spherical lid component of the Hinkley Point C European Pressurised nuclear reactor is facing a test by the French nuclear regulator, the results of which will be keenly awaited by the UK government and EDF.

M+W Group wins world’s deepest nuclear clean-up job at Dounreay


M+W Group has been appointed as the lead design and safety case consultant for the Dounreay Shaft and Silo nuclear decommissioning project.

Flamanville reactor overshadowing prospects for Hinkley Point C


Continuing difficulties with EDF’s European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) technology at a flagship plant in northern France are leading to doubts about the viability of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant across the English Channel in the UK.

Tried and trusted reference plants the way forward for nuclear


The nuclear power industry ought to stick to proven plant designs to negotiate its development in the short term and needs to seriously address its public perception. Those were some of the key consensual points at a forum on the status and future of the industry at POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

Work on Jaitapur NPP to begin within two years


Work on India’s 9.9 GW Jaitapur nuclear power plant is to begin within the next two years, an official with the French embassy in India has said.

EDF makes bid for Areva


An official €2bn bid has been made for Areva’s nuclear reactor business. The French government will have the final say on what deal, if any, is permitted.

Small modular plants: the way forward for Europe?


Nuclear-powered electricity generation should be a key component of every country's energy portfolio.

Engie not open to full acquisition of Areva


The head of Engie says the company are not interested in fully acquiring struggling Areva, but would prefer working with them on particular lines.

EDF to make offer on Areva ‘within days’


Jean-Bernard Lévy, chief executive of EDF, says a formal bid will be made for Areva this week.