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Royal announces $13.4bn fighting fund to grow renewables in France


The French environment minister, Segolene Royal, has announced that around $13.4bn is to garnered from tax credits and low-interest loans to help grow France’s energy efficiency and renewable generation capacities.

Fresh controversy for Japanese nuclear as ex-KEPCO president reveals secret payments


Chimori Naito, the former vice president of Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), a leading provider of nuclear power, has admitted to secretly paying seven of Japan's prime ministers 20,000,000 yen (about $200,000) on an annual basis for 18 years.

Sanctions on Russia have potential for nuclear impact


Recent events in the Ukraine has put Europe’s energy security again under scrutiny, and while there is great concern about the bloc’s vulnerability to Russia retaliating to sanctions by turning of the gas, not as much attention has been paid to the nuclear power aspect.

Iberdrola adds impetus to plan to generate power from nuclear waste


A plan to generate power from the UK’s nuclear waste has received a boost with the news that Iberdrola has signed a memorandum of understanding with GE Hitachi to participate in the PRISM project.

Areva wins Swedish nuclear contract


Sweden has awarded its first nuclear reactor dismantling project in over 30 years to Areva.

First Japan reactors pass new safety standards


A Japanese nuclear power plant has become the first to pass the nation’s post-Fukushima safety regulations. 

Concerns expressed over $316m Fukushima ice wall


A top nuclear power official has expressed concerns about Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima ice wall project.

New lease on life for UK nuclear plant


Amended safety regulations could mean a 10-year operational life extension for a nuclear power plant in the UK. 

Japanese nuclear power plants in typhoon’s path


What has been termed a ‘super typhoon’ is battering Japan, and analysts say it could potentially damage three of the nation’s nuclear power plants. 

Toshiba involvement in new technology for nuclear power


Toshiba, in conjunction with Ibiden, have produced a new manufacturing technology for reactor core applications in nuclear power plants.

TEPCO plant restart unlikely this year


The world’s largest nuclear plant is to remain offline this year, according to reports. 

Aging thermal plants causing worry in Japan


Worry is reportedly growing among Japan’s utilities that aging thermal power plants could break down during the summer months of peak electricity demand. 

Russia to build thermal and nuclear power plants in Iran


Talks between Iran’s energy ministry and Russian EPC company Technopromexport could lead to the construction of five new thermal power plants in Iran. 

Toshiba seals majority stake in UK new nuclear firm


Japanese company Toshiba today completed its acquisition of 60 per cent of nuclear new build company NuGeneration (NuGen), which plans to build the largest single nuclear plant in Europe in the UK.

Nuclear growth could be too slow to avert climate disaster


Growth in the nuclear power industry is as much as 25 per cent behind where it should be to avert a global temperature rise, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said. 

Keeping it tight Sealing nuclear's future


New seal designs and higher seal compressions can address sealing tasks in demanding nuclear environments.

Hungary approves $13.6bn nuclear plant financing from Russia


The Hungarian parliament has given the go ahead for a financing deal with Russia aimed at providing two new nuclear reactors for the country. The move has taken place without European Union approval.

43-year-old nuclear power station offline for five months


A nuclear power station on the island of Anglesey off the UK’s Welsh coast has been reportedly closed for over five months.  

Concern at pace of nuclear development in China


China’s drive towards dramatically expanding its nuclear generation capacity has seen some of those involved express unease.

French energy bill to address difficult nuclear question


The French government unveiled its long-delayed energy bill on Wednesday and attempted to provide more clarity and direction for renewable and nuclear power generation.