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Poles support nuclear in move away from coal


Over half of Poland’s citizens support the nation’s new nuclear power programme, a government survey has found.

Technology Update


Old Trafford, the UK home of Manchester United football team, was the venue for General Electric Power and Water's FlexEfficiency Forum, aimed at getting the most out of gas turbine technology, writes Diarmaid Williams.

Chinese planning nuclear plant in Essex


China General Nuclear Power Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation are considering Bradwell, 60 miles from central London for a new nuclear power plant.

A New Dawn for Japan's Power Sector


Since the 2011 earthquake that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear complex, Japan's energy industry has been in crisis. We explore how the sector is responding to the challenges.

Molluscs force German coal-fired power plant to shut down


The 757 MW Wilhelmshaven hard coal-fired power plant has had to be temporarily shut down after North Sea mussels clogged the facility’s cold water inflow system.

Poland's 2050 policy outlines move away from coal


The Polish government has published a draft energy policy, which looks to reduce dependency on coal in favour of a low-carbon energy mix.

Belgium braces for power cuts


The Belgian government is making contingency plans as the impact of the closure of half its nuclear capacity looks set to see the imposition of planned power cuts this winter.

Chinese make big inroads in nuclear power


UK sees surge in gas power generation


Coal power plant outages and falling gas prices triggered a surge in gas-fired power generation in the second quarter of the year.

South Korea may be forced to abandon nuclear power due to spent fuel issue


South Korea is under pressure to find storage space for its spent nuclear fuel, as temporary storage capacity is expected to be full by 2016 according to an independent body that advises the Korean government.

Areva awarded retrofit contract in South Africa


The Koeberg nuclear power plant is to be upgraded with six new steam generators as the South African government continues to improve its nuclear power capacity.

Jordan and Russia in nuclear plant construction deal


Jordan is set to sign a multi-billion dollar deal with Russia for the construction of the Kingdom’s first nuclear power plant.

Electrabel confirms Doel 4 nuclear power plant sabotage


Belgium has been left without half of its nuclear capacity, as GDF Suez subsidiary Electrabel confirmed that its Doel 4 nuclear reactor has been shut down due to sabotage.

Germany breaks yet another renewables record


Renewables’ share of Germany’s energy mix rose to 28 per cent in the first half of this year, new analysis has found  –  a new record for the nation as it continues its Energiewende.

EDF Energy shuts down UK nuclear plants


Operator EDF Energy has shut down four nuclear reactors in the UK due to a fault in a boiler unit.

India ‘committed’ to growing nuclear share - WNA


The World Nuclear Association’s top adviser in India says the country is determined to grow its nuclear power capacity, despite ‘considerable challenges’ that must be met.

IEA recommends significant nuclear power investment in India


The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recommended that India needs to grow its nuclear power capacity by 15 times if it is to successfully transition away from coal-fired power.

Missing paperwork to delay Japanese nuclear restart


Missing paperwork is set to further delay the restart of Japan’s Sendai nuclear plant after it met the nuclear regulator’s new, stringent safety standards last month.

Agreement sees Bulgarian nuclear plant move a step closer


Westinghouse Electric Company today announced that it has signed a shareholder agreement following consultations with all Bulgarian political parties for the expansion of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. 

Siemens’ earnings higher than forecast


There is positive news for Europe’s largest engineering company after Siemens reported higher earnings than expected today.