More Nuclear Power Generation News

Centrica chief prescribes a halt to offshore wind power for UK


The chief executive of Centrica says the UK government ought to desist from building offshore wind farms and save £96bn in the process.

Sanctions on Russia have potential for nuclear impact


Recent events in the Ukraine has put Europe’s energy security again under scrutiny, and while there is great concern about the bloc’s vulnerability to Russia retaliating to sanctions by turning of the gas, not as much attention has been paid to the nuclear power aspect.

Iberdrola adds impetus to plan to generate power from nuclear waste


A plan to generate power from the UK’s nuclear waste has received a boost with the news that Iberdrola has signed a memorandum of understanding with GE Hitachi to participate in the PRISM project.

GE Forum explains benefits of FlexEfficiency to gas power interests


Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, was the venue last week for General Electric Power and Water’s FlexEfficiency Forum, aimed at getting the most out of gas turbine technology.

China Nuclear Group seeks to raise $2bn


The biggest producer of nuclear is seeking to raise $2bn through an initial public offering (IPO).

Turkish nuclear power projects to top $70bn


A Turkish parliamentary energy sub-commission has estimated that the total cost of the country’s nuclear power plant projects will exceed $70bn by 2023.

Areva wins Swedish nuclear contract


Sweden has awarded its first nuclear reactor dismantling project in over 30 years to Areva.

First Japan reactors pass new safety standards


A Japanese nuclear power plant has become the first to pass the nation’s post-Fukushima safety regulations. 

$1.6bn spend on clean coal technology by China’s top power generator


In a bid to meet government expectations on emissions control, China Huaneng Group is to spend over $1.61bn on clean coal equipment.

Concerns expressed over $316m Fukushima ice wall


A top nuclear power official has expressed concerns about Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima ice wall project.

Czech nuclear plant out of action due to defect


Temelin nuclear power plant has stopped supplying power to the Czech grid as its second unit was disconnected over a pump defect on Thursday evening.

EDF in new power plant resilience project


EDF is to commence a project aimed at improving power plant resilience to extreme weather conditions, expected to become more prevalent due to climate change.

Slovenia awaits Croatian decision on nuclear repository


Slovenia is awaiting a decision from the Croatian government on whether they will participate in investing in a joint repository to be used for low and intermediate level nuclear waste.

New lease on life for UK nuclear plant


Amended safety regulations could mean a 10-year operational life extension for a nuclear power plant in the UK. 

Smart city technology revenue to hit $27bn


Worldwide revenue from smart city technology is forecast to grow from the current $8.8bn to $27.5bn by 2023.

Project aims to bolster power plants’ resistance to natural disasters


UK nuclear power company EDF Energy has been appointed to lead a project that aims to make power plants more resilient in the face of what some see as growing risk from climate change-related natural disasters.     

Japanese nuclear power plants in typhoon’s path


What has been termed a ‘super typhoon’ is battering Japan, and analysts say it could potentially damage three of the nation’s nuclear power plants. 

Toshiba involvement in new technology for nuclear power


Toshiba, in conjunction with Ibiden, have produced a new manufacturing technology for reactor core applications in nuclear power plants.

TEPCO plant restart unlikely this year


The world’s largest nuclear plant is to remain offline this year, according to reports. 

Analysis demonstrates greater diversity in UK power market


The latest independent analysis of the UK electricity market shows that while coal has retained its top share of the power pie, renewables has become more influential and the market in general is displaying greater diversity.