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New minister says ‘safe’ nuclear reactors will be re-started in Japan


Japan’s new Trade minister, Yoichi Miyazawa, says he will continue with the policy of re-starting nuclear reactors that are deemed safe by the atomic regulator.

Areva chief Oursel steps down


The chief executive of Areva has stepped down ahead of a management reorganisation at the nuclear group.

Czechs consider new reactor in existing nuclear power plant


The junior partner in the current Czech coalition government says adding a new reactor at the Dukovany nuclear power plant is “a logical step” in the country’s energy strategy.

French greens say Fessenheim closure ‘a presidential promise’


France’s Green Party says it has received assurances from President Francois Hollande that the country’s oldest nuclear power plant will indeed close in 2017.

Vattenfall sells Dutch power assets


Swedish utility Vattenfall’s subsidiary Nuon Energy has agreed to sell its thermal power assets in the Netherlands to Dutch energy firm Eneco.

Vattenfall demands $6bn in compensation from Germany


Swedish power company, Vattenfall, is the latest to file for damages against the German government for the shutting down of its nuclear power plants four years ago.

Sinop nuclear power plant set to commence in 2023


The consortium behind Turkey’s Sinop nuclear power plant have scheduled the facility to come online in 2023.

Levy to replace Proglio at EDF?


Speculation is rife in France that the head of Europe’s biggest power generator, and the world’s biggest atomic operator, is set to be replaced.

China to phase out solar and wind subsidies by 2020


China is set to dramatically reduce its subsidy support for solar and wind power, the nation’s 13th five-year energy plan (2016-2020) shows.

Onshore wind is cheapest power source says EU report


Onshore wind is a cheaper source of power than gas, coal and nuclear when ‘external’ factors such as air quality, human toxicity and climate change are considered, a new EU report has found.

Technology Update


A team of scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK have become the first to fabricate perovskite solar cells using a spray-painting process - a discovery they claim could help cut the cost of solar electricity.

Siemens makes $7.6bn bid for Dresser Rand


Siemens has made a friendly takeover bid of $7.6bn (€5.8bn) for US company Dresser-Rand.

Industry Highlights


The word 'sustainability' is inextricably linked with carbon emissions, but does it - or should it - mean more than that?

South Korean city says no to nuclear plant in "illegal" referendum


Residents of a South Korean city have voted against the construction of a nuclear power plant in a referendum which the government refuses to recognize as legal.

Germany considers joining Austria in suit over UK nuclear decision


The German government is mulling the possibility of filing legal action against the European Commission for approving the Hinkley Point project this week.

Rosatom retracts South Africa contract announcement


News that Russian state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom was to build a fleet of power plants in South Africa has been retracted by both parties amid confusion over the original agreement.

Almunia says Hinkley approval sets no precedent


European Commission vice-president Joaquín Almunia said today that the EC’s approval for Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in the UK “will not set any precedents”.

European Commission votes approval for Hinkley Point


Brussels has voted to allow the UK’s newest nuclear power plant to go ahead, after receiving final approval from the European Commission.

CEZ mulls nuclear expansion plan


Czech utility CEZ is considering the possibility of expanding its nuclear power capacity.

Austria confirms it will take legal action if Hinkley Point approved


The Austrian government has stepped up the rhetoric ahead of a vote on Wednesday on whether to allow the UK press ahead with its €20.4bn Hinkley Point nuclear power project.