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German government tensions over Energiewende progress


The junior partner in the German government, the Social Democrats, says that the country’s energy transition cannot be held up while the other governmental parties resolve their internal differences on power transmission.

Why the UK needs a 'system architect' to re-engineer its grid for decarbonisation


Why the UK needs a 'smarter power system' in its quest for decarbonization of its energy sector.

The joined-up thinking of piping in power plants


Which pipe-joining methods are used during piping system installation can significantly impact the running costs and efficiency of a power plant.

South Africa’s Gauteng to increase capacity of existing coal-fired power plants


South Africa’s Gauteng province aims to add 1200 MW to its grid by increasing the generation capacity of its existing coal-fired power stations.  

Nuclear power group Areva announces $5.6bn loss


Areva, the nuclear reactor builder has announced losses of $5.6bn for 2014.

Hungarian nuclear power plant could be blocked by Brussels


The proposed plan to build two 1200 MW nuclear reactors at Paks in Hungary has come under scrutiny by the European Commission and may be blocked.

FANC continues to look to science for answers to reactor vessel damage


Belgian energy corporation, Electrabel, is examining every available aspect of material science as it seeks to understand the reasons for the corrosion that compromised its reactor pressure vessels at Doel 3 and Tihange nuclear power plants.

Storage demonstration project set for Japanese island


Takaoka Toko has selected Saft’s Intensium Max Li-ion containerised battery system to provide energy storage for a demonstration microgrid project - aimed at expanding the installation of reneable energy using systems - on the remote Japanese island of Niijima in the Tokyo prefecture.

Update: Eskom stops load shedding after repairs


Beleaguered South African utility Eskom stopped load shedding this week after emergency repairs to its coal-fired Majuba power plant added around 1800 MW to the grid.

Calls for global nuclear plant inspections following Belgian findings


Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) director-general Jans Bens has called for careful inspection of all 430 nuclear facilities globally.

Report shows decline in UK power generation contracts


The latest EIC Monitor report shows an overall drop of 25 per cent in contracting activity across UK power generation sectors in Q4 2014.

Uncertainty remains as to potency of Austrian challenge to Hinkley


While advocates of nuclear power are confident the Hinkley Point project will proceed past intended Austrian roadblocks, there is still a degree of uncertainty among qualified observers as to how the story will eventually unfold.

EDF announces fall in profits, reassures on Hinkley decision


French energy giant EDF has reported a drop in profits for 2014, citing mild winter weather, unplanned downtime at two of its UK nuclear power plants and “challenging market conditions”.

Australia rethinks its nuclear future


Australia is re-evaluating its ban on nuclear power this month in response to growing climate change concerns.

South Africa's Zuma outlines energy strategy


In his annual state-of-the-nation speech yesterday, South African President Jacob Zuma said resolving the nation’s energy crisis was the top priority in a nine-point plan for economic growth.

Highest rate of EU fossil power plant closures since 2009


Utilities in Europe closed more coal and gas-fired power plants last year than any other year since at least 2009.

UK threatens diplomatic war on Austria over nuclear power lawsuit


A diplomatic cable indicating repercussions for Austria if it doesn’t drop its opposition to the UK’s nuclear power project at Hinkley Point has been leaked to the mainstream media.

Russia and Egypt sign up to nuclear power deal


Russia's Vladimir Putin and Egypt's Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have signed a preliminary agreement to cooperate on building a nuclear power plant.

Areva signs nuclear and renewables pact with Hungary


French company Areva has signed a pact with Hungarian engineering firm Evopro to collaborate on nuclear and renewable energy technologies.

Iranian economy needs $4.4bn in power sector investment


The Iranian government is facing a momentous challenge in developing the power infrastructure it needs to assist its economic recovery.