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Austria postpones filing complaint on Hinkley


The Austrian government says it has decided to postpone its filing of a lawsuit that would impact on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

1.3 GW of oil and gas-fired power plant set for Bangladesh


The Bangladesh-based Summit Group says it is motivated by reducing the possibility of power blackouts in its plan to build five new oil and gas-fired power plants in the country.

Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant shut down


The oldest remaining nuclear reactor in Germany has been taken off the grid for good.

Coal-fired power plant survives jellyfish invasion


A potential shutdown of an Israeli power plant due to invasion by a swarm of giant jellyfish has been averted.  

CCS 'could cut UK decarbonisation costs by £32bn'


The CCS Association (CCSA) has come up with a study that declares the UK could save £32bn in meeting decarbonisation targets by developing large scale carbon capture and storage technology.

France and Saudi move closer to nuclear reactor deal


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is close to forging an agreement with France to develop European Pressurised nuclear reactors (EPRs) in a bid to reduce its dependency on domestic oil and gas consumption.

Germany’s 'coal habit to undermine Energiewende'


Germany’s drive towards a transition to renewable energy is being undermined by its continuing dependency on coal-fired power, according to GlobalData.

Two Swedish nuclear reactors face closure


E.ON- owned OKG plans to shut down two nuclear reactors at its Oskarshamn plant in Sweden.

Austria to file lawsuit against Hinkley Point decision on Monday


The Austrian government has declared that it will launch its much threatened legal challenge to the European Commission decision that facilitates the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant on Monday.

Five major energy shifts predicted for global power market


Global power generation will experience five dominant trends over the next 25 years, putting unprecedented pressure on energy companies, utilities and policy-makers, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Pakistani nuclear power plant clears another hurdle


Pakistan’s government has approved construction of two new nuclear power plants near Karachi, but still needs to satisfy security concerns.

UK analysis says German wind chief’s assertion doesn’t stand up


Comments made by the German Wind Power Association’s president Hermann Albers with regard to wind’s ability to compensate for the closure of conventional and nuclear power plants have been called into question by an independent energy sector data analysis consultancy.

Fear of more delays as Hinkley nuclear reactor component faces test


The 110-tonne spherical lid component of the Hinkley Point C European Pressurised nuclear reactor is facing a test by the French nuclear regulator, the results of which will be keenly awaited by the UK government and EDF.

German wind power adds to pressure to stop new nuclear


BWE is urging the German government to take legal steps against the subsidisation of new nuclear power capacity in the EU.

RWE launches UK wind project amid struggle to adapt to new conditions


RWE officially opens the Gwynt y Mor project off Liverpool today, and while it’s an impressive project observers say the company is a long way behind where it needs to be in adapting to the ongoing energy transition.

The Ideal Future Power Generation Mix - Wind Perspective


Power Engineering International spoke to Steve Sawyer of the Global Wind Energy Council this week as part of our ongoing series, 'The Ideal Future Power Generation Mix'.

M+W Group wins world’s deepest nuclear clean-up job at Dounreay


M+W Group has been appointed as the lead design and safety case consultant for the Dounreay Shaft and Silo nuclear decommissioning project.

Flamanville reactor overshadowing prospects for Hinkley Point C


Continuing difficulties with EDF’s European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) technology at a flagship plant in northern France are leading to doubts about the viability of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant across the English Channel in the UK.

Europe vs renewables?


In a panel discussion at POWER-GEN Europe, Randy Mott of Poland's biogas association said Europe's policy support for renewables is skewed in favour of large utilities.

Tried and trusted reference plants the way forward for nuclear


The nuclear power industry ought to stick to proven plant designs to negotiate its development in the short term and needs to seriously address its public perception. Those were some of the key consensual points at a forum on the status and future of the industry at POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam on Wednesday.