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Balancing the risks of power blackouts with the costs of ensuring adequate supply


Teyssen determined to complete E.ON power plant spin off


E.ON's Chief Executive Johannes Teyssen says he is pursuing the spin off of the company’s power plants regardless of cost.

EDF-Areva to take on the cost of Hinkley Point C nuclear over runs


EDF-Areva has confirmed that it will bear the cost of any over runs associated with the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

Project and Technology Update


GE Power Generation Services has been selected to provide long-term maintenance services for two GE gas turbines at the Beijing Taiyanggong power plant.

Japan minister to object to coal-fired power project


Japan's environment minister reportedly plans to submit an objection today to a proposed coal-fired power project.

Japan restarts Sendai unit 1 nuclear reactor


Japan today restarted its first nuclear reactor since the nation’s fleet was idled following 2011’s Fukushima Daiichi accident.

Last-minute reprieve for Finnish nuclear project


Finland’s Fennovoima nuclear power project is set to go ahead following a last-minute announcement of financial backing by three Finnish companies.

Japan moves forward with nuclear restart


The world’s largest nuclear power plant is one step further toward restarting this week with an announcement by Japan's nuclear regulator that two of the plant’s reactors have been placed on a priority list for the necessary safety screening.

Hydropower to provide half of Canada’s energy by 2025


Canada’s hydropower capacity is predicted to grow to almost 85 GW by 2025, according to new research.

Tepco executives face trial over Fukushima incident


Three senior managers at Japanese utility Tepco have been indicted by a civilian judiciary panel to face criminal charges in relation to the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in March 2011.

EDF announces £1.3bn worth of contracts for Hinkley Point


EDF has announced a number of contracts for the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project in southwest England.

Details emerge on Areva-EDF deal


Areva has agreed to sell a majority stake of its nuclear reactor business to EDF.

German nuclear decommissioning poses ‘nightmare scenario’ - report


A report by the German Green Party has warned that the funds set aside for the decommissioning of the country’s nuclear power plants are insufficient.

China’s power consumption and thermal power investment on the rise


China's power consumption rose 1.3 per cent in the first half of 2015 when compared to the same period for last year while figures also show investment in thermal power infrastructure rose 14.9 per cent.

French government ponders €5bn rescue for Areva


A rescue package for troubled French nuclear group Areva could see the French government having to pay up to €5bn.

Solar power growth impacting on UK electricity sector


Q2 of 2015 saw a large increase in the generation of electricity from solar PV in the UK, with the growth having a significant impact on electricity market prices and other supply factors.

Former energy secretary berates Hinkley Point C nuclear project


The UK’s flagship new nuclear power project at Hinkley Point C has been described as “one of the worst deals ever” for British consumers and industry by a Conservative former energy secretary.

UK opts to overhaul renewable subsidies, bullish on nuclear


The UK’s energy secretary Amber Rudd has declared an overhaul of renewable energy subsidies, while at the same time defending the government’s decision to champion nuclear power.

Conventional power impairment adds to big Vattenfall loss


Vattenfall has reported a substantial second quarter loss with impairment losses due to low electricity prices continuing to have a negative effect.

Linked-in Discussion - Hinkley Point C


Austria, a collective of German green energy companies, and imminently Luxembourg are challenging the decision that facilitates the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project. But is this resistance ultimately a futile exercise? Opinions welcome on Power Engineering International LinkedIn Group.