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United Kingdom

UK fossil fuel power plummeted in Q1

29/08/2014 The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change has released stati...
Iceland geothermal power

Iceland almost 100 per cent powered by renewables

29/08/2014 According to a report from Iceland's National Energy Authority, Ork...
Vattenfall wind turbines

Vattenfall installs 288 MW of offshore wind capacity

29/08/2014 Vattenfall and Stadtwerke Muenchen have taken advantage of favourab...

Samoa's first wind farm comes online

29/08/2014 The island nation of Samoa’s first wind farm was inaugurated in a c...

Norway's energy firms hacked

29/08/2014 In a major cyberattack on the energy sector, 50 Norwegian companies...
UAE nuclear

Abu Dhabi’s nuclear plant makes impressive progress

28/08/2014 Over half of Abu Dhabi’s first nuclear power plant is already in pl...
Gabcikovo hydro

Slovakian government and Enel clash over power plant maintenance

28/08/2014 The Slovakian government is at odds with the Slovakian unit of Enel...

Policy risk to slow renewables development, IEA warns

28/08/2014 Growth in renewable power deployment is projected to slow worldwide...


Navigating the Power Transition

This year’s panel topic develops the overall joint theme of the events, “Navigating the Power Transition”. The panel will take as its starting point the fact that the energy mix in Europe has changed significantly and is fully expected to edge increasingly towards renewables.

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Vectren Corp. Closes Sale of Its Wholly Owned Coal Mining Subsidiary, Vectren Fuels

Vectren Corp. Closes Sale of Its Wholly Owned Coal Mining Subsidiary, Vectren Fuels

Hawaii Energy Offers State's First-Ever Energy Efficiency Auction

Hawaii Energy Offers State's First-Ever Energy Efficiency Auction

Virtu Investments' Third Apartment Fund Oversubscribed at $48 Million

Virtu Investments' Third Apartment Fund Oversubscribed at $48 Million

Range Declares Quarterly Dividend

Range Declares Quarterly Dividend

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How to cut your OPEX

How to cut your OPEX In a constantly evolving electricity market, factors such as over capacity and low coal costs can pu...

Alstom Editorial Guide: Thailand to showcase latest upgrade of Alstom's GT26 in combined-cycle

Read all about Alstom's new advanced GT26 gas turbine in the North Bangkok CCPP expansion project online with the Power En...

PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model – Leading the Field in Energy Market Modelling

PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Modelling is an advanced software tool that employs the latest mathematical programming methods ...

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A good day for low carbon power

Wed Dec 04 08:18:55 CST 2013

'Shale gas no danger to renewables'

Wed Nov 06 08:22:54 CST 2013

Hinkley deal good for nuclear worldwide

Mon Oct 21 06:42:32 CDT 2013

Importance of continuing to prioritise renewables

Wed Oct 09 10:01:47 CDT 2013

Fossil fuels aren't going away

Mon Sep 09 11:46:01 CDT 2013

UK businesses confused and concerned over EMR

Tue Sep 03 07:11:58 CDT 2013

Coal's persistence means CCS vital

Tue Aug 27 10:33:22 CDT 2013

Don’t write off Tilbury as a biomass failure

Wed Aug 21 09:02:17 CDT 2013

China deserves credit for power policy

Wed Aug 14 16:12:55 CDT 2013

Smart meters: time for evolution rather than revolution?

Thu Jul 25 05:45:43 CDT 2013

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Portfolio Optimization by PLEXOS

PLEXOS performs the Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch using Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) to mi...

Evaluating cogeneration for your facility: A look at the potential energy-efficiency, economic and environmental benefits

The energy-efficiency, economic and environmental benefits of cogeneration are the subject of this in-depth white paper. T...

The Effect of Moisture on the Breakdown Voltage of Transformer Oil

Power transformers utilize oil as a heat transfer medium and a dielectric material, together with cellulose. Breakdown vol...

Improving Mission Critical Cooling Systems With More Reliable Level Sensing

The choice of coolant level sensor may seem like an insignificant detail when designing complex machinery such as emergenc...

Steps Towards a Low Carbon Future: Solutions and Technologies That Will Support the Global Revolution Required

A smart grid is becoming more and more essential as clean energy becomes more dominant. In addition, the demand for electr...

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