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Irish flywheel storage project could prove crucial tech for EU green ambitions


The first grid-connected hybrid flywheel project in Europe could potentially be rolled out across the rest of the European Community once it initially gets off the ground in Ireland.

One week left to enter Pei EMEA Projects of the Year


Power Engineering International has launched the EMEA Projects of the Year, which will seek to highlight the best in power plant construction across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Denham exec– coal can play role in powering Africa as better alternative to diesel


The vice-president of global energy and resources at private equity giant, Denham Capital says coal-fired power makes sense in certain regions of Africa and should not be discarded as a solution to meeting growing demand for power on the continent.

Fitch Asia chief – industrialisation will cancel out decarbonisation push


The Asia-Pacific chief of Corporate Ratings Group Fitch has told an energy summit in London that decarbonisation efforts may not suffice in the face of Asian industrialisation and political intervention in the power sector has only served to mislead consumers.

Suckut named new managing director at SIPOS Aktorik


Dr Thomas Suckut has been appointed managing director of German actuator manufacturer SIPOS Aktorik.  

Lubricants' role in the race for power plant efficiency


Gas plant managers can boost production and profitability by selecting the right lubricant for their turbines, writes Jarmo Vihersalo

MAN Diesel chief on power generation changes


Christopher Antes, head of Turbomachinery at MAN Diesel & Turbo, talks to PEi about the latest trends turbine manufacturers are witnessing, emissions control and European energy policies

Japan combined cycle power plant pushes the boundaries of turbine technology


Himeji No.2 thermal power station in Japan is a state-of-the-art combined cycle plant boasting a record-breaking gas turbine

Crestchic clinches Cummins test deal


UK-headquartered loadbank manufacturer Crestchic has been awarded preferred status to test the products worldwide of Cummins.

Closures highlight UK’s growing reliance on fewer power plants


The threatened closure of Killingholme 2 combined cycle turbine plant is set to make the UK more reliant on power plants that already make a major contribution to the country’s power generation.

South Africa’s 100 MW Xina CSP plant achieves financial close


A 100 MW concentrated solar power plant which will be built in South Africa has reached financial close.  

Energy storage enabling technology market reach $21.5bn by 2024


The energy storage enabling technology market, in terms of global installed revenue, is expected to grow from $605.8m in 2015 to $21.5bn in 2024.

Transformer upgrade for Polish hydropower plant


Poland’s second-largest hydropower plant is to receive a transformer upgrade.

‘Europe’s energy transition is built on innovation’ says ENTSO-E boss


Europe will only achieve a reliable, sustainable and connected Energy Union through co-ordinated research and development for energy infrastructure at EU level.

Chile's Enap confident of attracting energy project partners


Enap, Chile's state-owned oil company, is confident in finding partners to carry out its coming projects.

Abengoa and EIG sign agreement to finance energy projects


Technology solutions firm Abengoa has signed an agreement with investor EIG to finance Abengoa Projects Warehouse-1, a plan to construct several energy projects in Latin America.

Nexans to reinforce Belgian grid


Elia, the Belgian Transmission System Operator (TSO), has selected Nexans extra-high voltage cable systems for the major Stevin project to reinforce Belgium’s high voltage power grid.

E.ON gas-fired power plant set for permanent closure in England


Killingholme combined cycle gas power station in north Lincolnshire, England has stopped contributing to the UK national grid and may have to be shut down for good.

Gazprom begins construction of gas-fired power plant in Russian Arctic


Gazprom Neft has begun construction of a 96 MW projected-capacity gas-fired power plant, capable of being scaled up to a total capacity of 144MW, in Northern Russia.

How temporary power can plug the gaps in renewable energy intermittency


We look at how temporary power can benefit renewable energy installations not only during periods of low wind or sunshine, but also throughout the entire plant lifecycle.