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Volume 23, Issue 5
  • Features

    • The rise and rise of gas engines

      In December 2014, Finnish gas engine maker Wärtsilä filed a legal challenge in Poland which aimed to show that utility PGNiG Termika's tender for the modernization of the Żerań combined heat and power (CHP) plant, which specified that the project would be open to gas turbines only, "drastically breached" Poland's public procurement law in terms of "fair competition".

    • Lubricants: the lifeblood of the gas engine

      A reliable and well-maintained gas-powered engine which performs consistently and continuously can lead to a healthier bottom line for operators.

    • Finland's energy powerhouse

      The area surrounding the western Finnish coastal city of Vaasa holds 2 per cent of Finland's population of around 5,500,000, but one quarter of its energy sector.

    • Problem-solving combustion dynamics

      With plentiful deposits of lignite available throughout central Europe, it is no surprise that this form of coal is used by the thermal-powered generation sector, despite the high investment required to address the additional emissions challenges that it can sometimes present.

    • Commercializing new marine technology

      There has never really been any question over the huge volumes of energy that are potentially available from the waves, tides and currents of the world's oceans.

    • HVDC link set to advance Europe's energy goals

      In a significant step on the road to a common European energy market, a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line has been built in the mountainous Basque region between Santa Llogaia (near Figueres) in Spain and Baixas (near Perpignan) in France, a distance of 65 km.

    • The real benefits of real sensor data

      New carbon emission targets are driving significant changes around how electricity is generated, transported and consumed in the UK.

    • Preparing for the grid of tomorrow

      National Grid, the transmission system operator for the UK, faces the combined challenges of rapidly increasing demand, downgrading of fossil fuel plants and growing integration of renewable energy sources.

    • Hot topics in Europe's energy transition debate

      The discussions during a recent European energy summit held in London could potentially be summed up by the titles of several of the presentations: 'Where have we gone wrong and what should we do now?', 'The inconvenient truth of European energy policy', and 'The wasteland of European energy policies and regulation'.

    • Bringing flexible power to Turkey

      During the last two decades, the Turkish electricity market has been growing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 6 per cent.

    • Top ten rules for power plant condition monitoring

      Effective maintenance management depends on the accurate forecasting and diagnosis of problems with plant and machinery.

    • Secure power for a sustainable economy

      The power sector in Europe is experiencing radical and permanent change.

    • Small modular plants: the way forward for Europe?

      Nuclear-powered electricity generation should be a key component of every country's energy portfolio.

    • Funding your project shouldn't be rocket science

      In the power industry, irrespective of energy source or discipline, it is new technologies and advances in research and development that help steer the strategic direction of both independent businesses and, indeed, the UK power industry as a whole.

    • A greener ORC

      In response to the global demand for clean and cost-effective energy, Exergy, an Italian subsidiary of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, has introduced an innovative technological breakthrough in the turbine sector called the Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT).

  • Regulars

  • Opinion

    • The future role for thermal generation

      The European power sector is undergoing radical change. The decades-old architecture of large generators located in relatively few locations and mainly run on fossil fuels, nuclear and hydro is being transformed as renewable power generation, distributed generation and demand response come to play an increasing role.

    • Novel ways to get more energy from coal

      Almost all coal-fired power plants are steam power generating units based on the traditional Rankine cycle.

  • Q&A

    • Q&A: Howard Barnes, MAN Diesel

      Howard Barnes of MAN Diesel & Turbo talks to PEi about the radical changes in the European power sector and where he sees these changes leading

    • Navigating the energy transition

      Europe's energy landscape is in a state of transition. The penetration of renewables is gaining pace, throwing doubt on the future role of fossil fuel and nuclear plants and opening the door for the adoption of flexible, on-site power solutions.

  • Talking Points

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