Chinese wind market catches its breath

By KelvinR

What should we read into the news that German turbine manufacturer Repower is pulling out of China because it, and many others, believes the market to be saturated and out-stripping demand?

Has the Chinese wind power bubble burst? Not at all. This is the natural evolution of any new manufacturing sector, especially in the Far East with its history of build-them-cheap-pile-them-high technology tactics.

It is estimated that there are more than 60 turbine makers in the country and this will now steadily drop, leaving a pool of respected domestic and foreign players to run with the ball once the wind power game picks up again in China.

The Chinese government wants to be a global force in windpower and this situation leaves it poised to cement the domestic best-in-class among the world leaders.  

Having an abundance of companies operating in a booming sector is a problem, but not entirely a negative one – and it’s a problem a few European countries with an eye on the wind market wouldn’t mind being faced with.