Scottish offshore wind attracts GBP65m investment in 2012

Companies developing offshore wind power have invested in the region of GBP165m ($260m) to date in the Scottish economy, according to a report by Scottish Renewables.

The published figures reveal that GBP65m of that total was invested in 2012 alone, reports the BBC.

According to Scottish Renewables, this level of investment demonstrated "the considerable level of confidence developers have in Scotland's offshore wind sector".

Commenting on the report findings, Lindsay Leask of Scottish Renewables said the majority of the investment has been made in research, such as environmental surveys, technical engineering surveys and project demonstration.

"However, this flow of private finance is also generating huge opportunities for the supply chain, and once consents for projects are granted this will both motivate new entrants and strengthen those existing companies who are already reaping the benefit of diversifying into this emerging sector," she added.

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